WANTED: Parent Volunteers

PTO Board Elections will be held at our May 19th General Meeting.  The following positions are up for Election.  Please submit a letter of intent to Allison Mathis at alirosspta@gmail.com by May 5, 2017 if interested.

Board members are asking to attend monthly board meetings, communicate to other board members via email and attend/plan/volunteer at school functions as necessary

President (2 Year Term)
Short Description: 
Lead the PTO toward specific goals chosen by its members, consistent with the policies and purposes of the PTO. The president is the presiding officer and the official representative of the PTO. Manage the affairs of the PTO on a daily basis. Oversee the Executive Board including coordinating meetings and communications when necessary.  Work and communicate with the school and district administration. Average time commitment ranges between 5 hours per week up to 15 hours per week.

Treasurer (2 Year Term)
Short Description:  Provide financial support to all persons leading PTO and student council events. This includes picking up money and checks collected and taking it to the bank, writing checks to pay for events, and providing any change needed when the event involves cash transactions. The PTO Treasurer is responsible for ensuring proper signed documentation is provided when any deposit or request for cash is made. Enter all financial data into Quickbooks (accounting software). Print reports each month and present results at the Board and General PTO meetings.  Work with all interested parties to create an annual budget. Enter into Quickbooks.  Reconcile bank accounts monthly. Ensure insurance is renewed once term is completed. Provide all financial detail to external accounting company. Provide all financial detail to external accounting company.

Secretary (2 Year Term)
Short Description: Take and keep record of minutes and sign in sheets for all board and general meetings. Manage additional communications.