6th Grade Activities

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Sixth grade year!

Your kindergartener is in his or her last year of elementary school. Big changes are coming and we want to celebrate this last year for your child. We must now begin planning for the year ahead. Nothing can be accomplished without volunteers.

Below you will see the events/activities we have planned for the coming year. If you are interested in helping make this a very special year, please fill out and submit the form below.

We have numerous events planned that need parent support. Please sign up to volunteer here! 

Please contact nhross6thgrade@gmail.com  for information about 6th grade.

6th Grade Track and Field Day
6th Grade Track and Field Day at Martorelli Stadium occurs annually in May for all district 6th Grade students. We need a lot of parent support!

Students traditionally wear sweatshirts for the 6th Grade group photo and t-shirt for the 6th Grade Track & Field Day. A volunteer is needed to investigate pricing, obtain sizing information from students and place/distribute the order.

A DVD will be shown at the 6th Grade Celebration (an accumulation of photos throughout the year set to music.) Volunteers are needed to organize and create the DVD. Families have the option to purchase the DVD.

Funds are needed to support the promotion ceremony. The funds raised throughout the year will be earmarked by the Ross PTO for the 6th grade.

Bridging Celebration
6th Graders partipate in a celebration of promotion in June. Volunteers are needed to coordinate food and drinks, to create and distribute invitations, and to create an event program.

Field Trip
Volunteers are needed to work with the teachers to coordinate this field trip.