Class Party Volunteers

Calling All Class Party Volunteers!

Welcome back to school! We are already thinking about class parties. Sign up to volunteer and/or be entered in the lottery for Head Homeroom parent on our website: Click Here

Class parties are sponsored and run by parents. The Halloween party will be held on October 31, the Winter Holiday party will be held on December 20, and the Valentine’s Day party February 14. All parties will start at 2:30pm and end at 3:30pm.

We have a lead parent who is the Head Homeroom Parent and Party Volunteers who plan, donate supplies, and run the party. If you would like to support the party in any way, please fill out the attached form, indicating where you can help.

Per the district’s requirements, all parents who would like to volunteer in the classroom must have their clearances on file in the office. Details regarding clearances are listed on the district site at the following URL:

Head Homeroom Parent responsibilities: 

The Head Homeroom Parent (HHP) is responsible for coordinating classroom parties – Halloween, Winter Holiday, and Valentine’s Day. This includes organizing volunteers, collecting funds or donations, creating party agenda and working with the teacher. The HPP also coordinates any teacher’s gifts given by the class.

Application Process: 

  • Any parent interested will need to fill out the online form by September 26. Parents with multiple children must fill out a form for each child. If by chance a parent is picked in multiple classrooms, the PTO will decide which room the parent gets, based on need. No parent will be able to be HHP in more than one classroom.
  • A drawing will be held at the general PTO meeting on October 2 for HHP. If you are picked please plan to stay for a brief meeting after the PTO meeting, however, you do not need to be present to be selected.
  • Parent volunteers will be drawn by the HHP following the PTO meeting.
  • All clearances must be on file by October 1 if you would like to be selected as the HHP. You must have your clearances on file with the office before you can be added to a party as a volunteer.
  • The PTO will send an email to all people who have submitted their names to volunteer at the Head Homeroom Parent on October 3. Be sure to check that your name is listed under the classes where you want to volunteer!
  • Please be aware of all allergies and special needs when planning parties, guidelines will be available for the HHP.

Other Ways to Help: Donate supplies or other ideas. Please fill out the registration form if you are willing to donate to the party. Please visit the North Hills School District website, under Ross Elementary, under PTO for more ways to volunteer in our school.