Class Party Volunteers

Calling All Class Party Volunteers

Sign up to volunteer by filling out our classroom volunteer form: Click Here

Per the district’s requirements, all parents who would like to volunteer in any way must have their clearances on file in the office. Details regarding clearances are listed on the district site at the following URL:

Class parties are sponsored and run by parents. All parties will start at 2:15pm and end at 3:15pm. 

Halloween Party: October 28, 2022 

Winter Holiday Party: December 22, 2022 

Valentine’s Day Party: February 14, 2023 

At this time, we are unsure if volunteers will be allowed inside the school, but if/when they are permitted you will be contacted. If volunteers are not permitted inside the buildings, there will be communication about other ways volunteers can help. 

Application Process 

  • Any parent interested in volunteering for the Halloween Party or Head Homeroom Parent (HHP), must have the volunteer form filled out and clearances given to the front office by October 1, 2022. Parents with multiple children must fill out a form for each child. If by chance a parent is picked in multiple classrooms as the HHP, the PTO will decide which room the parent gets, based on need. No parent will be able to be HHP in more than one classroom. 
  • A drawing will be held at the general PTO meeting, October 5, 2022, for HHP. If you are picked, please plan to stay for a brief meeting following the general meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, you will be contacted via email. 
  • Please be aware of all allergies and special needs when planning parties, guidelines will be available for the HHP.

Head Homeroom Parent responsibilities 

The Head Homeroom Parent (HHP) is responsible for coordinating classroom parties. This includes organizing volunteers, collecting funds or donations, creating the party agendas and communicating with the teacher. The HHP also coordinates group teacher gifts with parents, if desired, that are given by the class. 

Other Ways to Help 

Donate supplies or ideas! Visit our volunteer page for more opportunities.