Teacher Innovation Fund



Ross Elementary Teacher Grant Program
2015-2016 Procedures


The Ross Elementary Elementary School PTO has established a Teacher Innovation Fund to provide grants for the 2015-2016 school year. Details about the program and application procedures are as follows:

1. This program is open to all Ross Elementary classroom teachers. The total amount available for the program is $1,000.00 for the 2015-2016 academic year. Teachers may apply for up to $500.00 of this amount per application. Grants will be awarded to approved application recipients throughout the school year as long as funds remain available. When the allotment is used, there will be no more grants awarded for this school year.

2. All applications will be reviewed by the PTO Board in conjunction with Mr. McGahee. Applications will then be voted on by the Board and will then be approved in full, approved in part, or declined. These decisions will be impartially made based on the proposed use of the funds, the number of students that will benefit from the proposal, and the time frame.

3. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis at Board Meetings until the available funds are exhausted. This program will begin September 1, 2015. Any applications received by that date will be considered at the October PTO Board meeting. Following that date, applications will be accepted monthly by the first Monday of each month. Applications can be printed and returned to the PTA mailbox, attention Allison Mathis. Applications may also be emailed to alirosspta@gmail.com.

4. Application Procedures: Complete the Teacher Grant Program application. The application must be completed in full and must include the amount requested, the benefits of the investment, how many students will benefit, and how long the program or purchase will be in place.
The PTO has put this program together in an effort to assist Ross Elementary teachers in the ways they deem appropriate to help grow and develop our students. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact Ali Mathis, Teacher Innovation Fund Chair at 412-865-5178. We look forward to partnering together to make Ross Elementary the best school it can be. Thank you.


Teacher Grant

Application to the Innovation Fund
  • Cannot exceed $500
  • Completely describe what funds will be used for.