Fun Run 2021

Ready? Set? Go!

The Fun Run will kick off the 2021-2022 fundraising year Friday, September 24 (rain date Friday, October 1). Each student will have the opportunity to walk or run the track with their grade for 30 minutes.

The Fun Run is a very special Ross fundraiser because 100% of the money raised goes directly back into the school! Pledges can be collected per lap or as a flat rate. Each student will have their laps counted and their lap total will be sent home with them. Pledge sheets, with the funds raised, are due Friday, October 8.

Please be sure your child has a water bottle labeled with their name, a shirt on that closely represents their class color (list below), and sunscreen applied if desired. If your child’s school shirt no longer fits, please have them wear a shirt that is in the same color family as their previous PTO-provided shirt. If you don’t have a shirt in their class color, don’t stress, any shirt will do!

Shirt colors by grade:

  • Kindergarten- White (just for the Fun Run, not your permanent class color)
  • 1st- Bright Green (their school shirts from last year should still work)
  • 2nd- Periwinkle Blue
  • 3rd- Orange
  • 4th- Olive Green
  • 5th- Maroon

Let us know if you have any questions at