Helping Hands

When volunteers are permitted inside the school, the Helping Hands Committee helps students in kindergarten and first grade during their lunch periods. The students often need help obtaining forgotten utensils and napkins or opening containers and condiments; volunteers provide that assistance.  Eliminating this obstacle for students gives them enough time to finish their lunch and makes the lunch period, as a whole, a more stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Lunch Time

Kindergarten eats lunch from 11:20–11:50 am and first grade eats lunch from 11:35 am–12:05 pm.  You will be asked to volunteer for the full 45-minute lunch block, which covers both kindergarten and first grade lunches.

Policies and Procedures

You must have clearances that have been submitted and approved.  Information about how to obtain clearances can be found on the district’s website at:

Additionally, please remember to bring your driver’s license for the check-in process when you arrive in the main office to volunteer. 

All participants, past volunteers included, must complete a new volunteer form each school year. 

Please contact for questions or more information.